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My wife had to have her cars transmission replaced at a local Nissan car dealer. The dealer also changed her oil. After driving the car a few days we noticed a strong burning smell from the front engine compartment. She called the dealer and was told it was the stickers burning off the new transmission. When the smell continued for another week or so, she finally brought it back to the dealer. She was told that the valve cover was leaking oil and it was burning on the manifold. She was told that we needed to replace the valve cover at a cost of $130. I told her to take it to Aamco to get a second opinion because we had taken other cars to them and they had always been great. They looked at my wife's car and found that the dealership had put 2 quarts too much oil in when they changed it and the oil was coming out of the dip stick port. The owner took the time to show my wife where the oil was coming from and also showed her the valve cover that showed no signs of any leak. He showed her where to take pictures to prove it. He then removed the excess oil and gave my wife a written report of the problem for the dealer. Then, they told her it was no charge! All that help and work and no charge. How awesome. She called the dealer who would not admit that it was possible they did that and told her to bring it back and they would look. We did and it turns out that the mechanic at the dealership admitted that he never even looked for the leak, just saw all the oil and guessed at what they thought the problem was. They finally admitted that the leak was because that mechanic overfilled the oil. Now we have to worry that the over-fill caused major damage which the dealer told us was "unlikely" but they will look at it after driving it 100 miles. You better believe that we will take it to Aamco to have that checked and even repaired there. No more dealership work. We will take all of our family cars to Aamco from now on. They have earned our business and trust. Thank you.

Arthur W. | Mar 2017